Book publishing resources

March 1, 2010

I’ve been collecting articles about publishing options for my Academy Nights class. Here they are:

(March 2) Some additional contributions from a coworker:

  • A four-part discussion of print-on-demand options, starting with Lulu, by Michael Hicks
  • Article on digital piracy and why it’s the publishers’ fault. No, really! (from Indie Author)
  • And an article on Lulu and CreateSpace by the same blogger

March 3

March 5

CookieFest 2009

December 8, 2009

CookieFest 2009 was another resounding success. The product of our labors included:

  • One newborn (!!). We had one regular attendee missing due to her being otherwise occupied with Having a Baby. I suppose we can let that slide Just This Once.
  • Buttermilk cookies (thanks to Alyssa for pointing me to the recipe).
  • Three gingerbread houses (contrary to what the picture might indicate, we had not been drinking. It’s possible that we were a BIT punchy after 9 hours of nonstop cookie action).

Gingerbread house

  • Ginger spice cookies (wow. I think we followed the recipe on these)
  • Pumpkin spice cookies
  • Gingerbread (found in Joy of Cooking)
  • Rugelah (we used currents instead of raisins, hazelnuts instead of walnuts, and skipped the milk wash and sugar sprinkle)
  • Evil Oatmeal Cookies. Oh wait. That’s not their official name. They are actually Oatmeal Toffee Cookies, aka The Least Healthy Thing You Can Make with Oatmeal. Substitutions: for bittersweet chocolate, use chocolate chips (no chopping required), for toffee pieces, Heath bars
  • Triple-threat chocolate cookies (we omitted all those nasty nuts and increased flour slightly to compensate)
  • I think I might have forgotten one. It’s sort of a blur.

I am now officially ready for the holidays. We don’t even have to clean the house any more because we can distract visitors with cookies. LOTS of cookies.